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Article from The Bluffton Breeze Magazine

Article 2 from The Bluffton Breeze Magazine


Explore the natural beauty ...

... experience the tranquility, and 
learn about coastal 
plants and wildlife 
as well as the history of  
Bluffton "A State of Mind" ~
South Carolina.

Bluffton is located on the 
coast of South Carolina, 
slightly north of 
Savannah, Georgia, south 
of Beaufort and Charleston, South Carolina, 
in the heart of
 "The Lowcountry". 

Eco tours of the local marshes, creeks, estuaries 
and rivers including the May and the New River 
are conducted by Ben Turner native "Blufftonian".


Come explore the ever changing, living estuaries ... 

... where sea water and fresh water from local rivers mix to form a complex environmental home for plants, animals and sea life. The waters are filled with shrimp, crabs, oysters, clams, and fish that provide nourishment for both 
man and animal.
The range of living creatures is wide and depending on where you choose to tour can include, minks, otters, dolphins, alligators, deer, raccoons, eagles, osprey, wood storks, and, 
if you are lucky,
 an occasional manatee. 


Learn more about the eco-system ...

... the eco-system 
and how it works 
in an endless cycle to 
feed  and nourish 
plant and wild life.
Enjoy the serenity and beauty of quiet 
coves and inlets 
that time and change 
have forgotten.


Daily Sunrise tours are available through Native Guide Tours.
Due to the Summer heat the Afternoon and Sunset
tours will be suspended until further notice.


Click Here to view map of tour area.


For more info, contact us at ben@nativeguidetours.com
or call 843-816-4538... Thank you!


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Article from The Bluffton Breeze Magazine

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The coastal region surrounding Bluffton, South Carolina, plays host to a diversity of species you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere on the Eastern seaboard. The beaches of neighboring Hilton Head Island, for instance, are one of the few places where endangered Loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs during the summer months. The Coastal Discovery Museum offers guided tours of the nesting grounds to island visitors, and there are plenty of environmentally-friendly accommodations if you are interested in viewing these magnificent creatures including timeshare resorts, small hotels and oceanfront vacation homes.


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